Survey: events processing in IoT systems

Results of the survey, conducted by me among my LinkedIn connections.

Question 1: Would you agree that reasonable splitting of a monolith IoT solution into a set of independent collaborating services is a right way to ensure reliability and scalability?

Monolith vs Microservices

Question 2: Can you say that you usually implement some advanced techniques of reacting to events from remote devices in your IoT products rather than just raising alarms or notifying the user/administrator?

Advanced Events Processing

Question 3: Imagine that as a result of firmware update your IoT devices are able to report a set of new valuable parameters. Will it take less than 1 day to make your live IoT system able to handle this new data and process it according to business requirements?

Changing IoT Environment

Question 4: Do you have such experience when there was a need to change reaction of an IoT system to particular data from remote IoT device and your engineers had to modify the source code of the product and plan a maintenance window to apply these changes to a live system?

IoT System: dynamics vs maintenance

Question 5:  Would you agree that possibility to change business logic of the IoT system on demand in run time is more about saving money than about convenience?

Saving money