OSGi or “Microservices is not the only way to go away from Monoliths”. Part 1.

OSGi – Open Services Gateway Initiative. Quote from the official site of the OSGi Alliance: “The OSGi technology is a set of specifications that define a dynamic component system for Java. These specifications enable a development model where applications are (dynamically) composed of many different (reusable) components.”(c) Continue reading “OSGi or “Microservices is not the only way to go away from Monoliths”. Part 1.”


Nowadays it’s not so rare when marketing representation obscures and blurs the original term (idea, technology) it is built around. Such blurring of outlines creates a specific situation: eventually the term becomes so hyped in the media space, that people stop perceiving the concept behind the term critically. They get used to it, assuming that the modern software product should be created with this technology, which automatically guarantees it will be “done right”. But these conclusions for the most part are based on the popular opinion rather than on results of personal experience and analysis of pros/cons for the concrete case.  Continue reading “micro SERVICES”